Most ladies have a compact mirror in their bag, purse, pocket…

But now you can get a lot more than just a mirror, you can get Lurror – SMART, compact LED lighted makeup mirror with adjustable brightness touchpad, built-in PowerBank with wireless charger, the Bluetooth GPS tracker

Lurror is definitely very useful when it comes to keeping your devices charged, keeping your bag safe.

And wow, what about the LED adjustable light which is a very important thing in makeup as many professional makeup artists advise. 

So if you already just carrying a mirror with you, I mean just think about it this is just a mirror there’s no extra lights on it, you can’t really do anything other than to take a quick peek. But what Lurror is done – added portable power to a great accessory, so it’s a lighted mirror and it is actually mimics daylight with his beautiful LEDs around the outside and also it has standard and five times magnification.

Makeup mirror that inspires you when you are on the move!

What we’ve learned over the years is that everyone also needs portable power

So if you’re carrying a smartphone and it’s probably in such a way that you’re not even getting through the day on a single smartphone charger. Remember when you first brought these and I would say to myself now who needs that right now.

I can barely sometimes get to noon, yeah, and I’ve gone through it because I’ve googled things, I’ve looked at my facebook, I’ve done my social media, right? You’ve taken pictures, you stream video you definitely need this, right? I mean everyone needs a little power just to stay connected.

One of the major concerns that every single woman can face with whether they travel or on a usual day – is lost handbag.

Your identity is your most valuable asset. When much of our personal information is apparently is in our bag such as our ID, Passport, documents, travel tickets sometimes, money!

Over 40,000 people lose their bag, wallet, purse every day
that’s over 14 million people a year. Yes, 14 million that doesn’t only mean the value of the belongings people lose, which in some cases is a lot of money it means suffering anxiety frustration.

Lurror is a complete tracking solution that empowers you whether as a traveler, or for daily use-case. It’s a smart mirror that fits in any size bag and connects to an amazingly simple smartphone app that will alert you when you move away and tracks its location on the map.
So you never leave it behind.

What we’ve done with this is actually combined 3 of the greatest handbag accessories ever. 

And that is really WOW!!!

Thanks for reading.

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