YOU might be making a mega makeup mistake every morning without even knowing it.
One makeup artist has shared the common things people get wrong that may be getting in the way of them looking their best.
Makeup artist and TikToker Kaila Gibson uploaded a viral video breaking down five makeup mistakes to avoid before you get ready for your next night out.
The first makeup mistake Kaila mentions is not giving your moisturizer a chance to set before applying your foundation.
She suggests waiting at least 10 minutes before moving forward with the rest of your beauty routine.
The second mistake is using a foundation that’s visibly way too light for your skin.
According to Kaila, light foundation shows texture, exposes your pores, and totally washes you out.
She says: “Choose the perfect shade – or one shade darker."
The next mistake from Kaila is not properly dabbing in your color corrector when and where it’s needed.
For reference, she says our lips and cheeks can both be used as color correctors.
Kaila's next suggestion is directed toward women over 30 years old.
She explains that making a V shape with your concealer under your eye is a definite no-go.
Instead, she says: “Focus on inner and outer corners [of your eyes.]”
Finally, Kaila warns against applying blush to the apples of your cheeks.
“Apply to the back of your cheekbones for a lifted effect,” she explains.
Makeup lovers who appreciate Kaila's tips have a lot to say in her comment section.
Someone wrote: “I knew I was doing something wrong. Thanks for the advice."
“I agree on needing to wait until the moisturizer is set! I’ve made that mistake before," someone else wrote.
A third person added: “I love the concealer tip. This makes a huge difference!"
Someone who agrees with Kaila's tip about color-matching posted: “My foundation has definitely been too light. I just bought one much darker, and it’s perfect."
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