From retro Hollywood waves to neutral eyes with very fluffy full lashes: 2022 wedding hair and makeup trends

There are a few months left in the year, so if you are hosting a Fall/Winter wedding, your big day is fast approaching. Many brides prefer warm tones, vintage looks, and boho theme weddings during the colder temperatures. In contrast, others choose to follow the latest trends and have contemporary celebrations that they will remember forever.
To make this process easier for you, HOLA! USA reached out to Fiona Taylor, the owner and lead artist of Faces by Fiona and Beluxxia Beauty. The expert shared the 2022 hair and makeup trends brides should keep in mind.

This is one of the hottest trends brides are asking for this year! Whether hair is long, medium or short, brides draw inspiration from the ’40s and ’50s with a retro glam finish.
With so much emphasis on honoring your natural curl pattern, the hair industry has been working around the clock to create products that make your natural curls look their best! It has, in turn, overflowed into the wedding industry, with many brides asking how they can work with their natural curls or produce a more defined curly hair updo to represent their hair’s natural curl pattern for all eternity. Pro’s a using a top-secret technique with a smaller barrel to create a more polished curl pattern within their natural curls!

Many brides are drawn to elegant coiffed updos. It has become a popular request to form an artistic updo utilizing hair padding and shapers to support these ornate chignon styles.
Brides are looking for a style that will give them a controlled but more relaxed style that photographs great throughout the day. Brides who dislike hair falling in the face opt to pull the top half into a teased bump and securely hold it up with pins.
Going for height has been a calling for many brides looking for a glamorous frontal finish. Using ample hairspray and teasing is sure to give a lift to a dramatic entrance.
Drawing the hair up into two ponytails has been a calling for many! The second ponytail position right below the first gives the appearance of more volume and several more inches of length.
Whether on one side of the head or both, this trend has been requested for an additional detail finish.
Flowing small curled, wispy pieces have been popularly requested for front face framing and small pieces pulled out from an updo. This creates an ethereal and romantic touch.
Drawing inspiration from vintage vibes, brides display elegant hair accessories that match their wedding theme and exquisite touch.
Eyebrows are getting fluffy and brushed out for a soft wider style
Adding a full lash look is a top favorite. Ladies choose fluffy regal styles that match their comfort, from minor to the most fluffy.
Many brides love an effortless glam finish to match boho themes. Eyes and cheeks are blended out for an airy but defined look.
Shimmer and glitter toppers have been a popular choice for evening weddings. Adding a touch of glitter or extra shimmer along the eyelid, brow brown, cheekbone, and even lips adds a layer of allure and glitz.
Skin trends have turned to lighter finishes that have a fresh allure. Skin properly balanced for oil but has higher expertly placed for a sharp glam reflection in photos.
A strong pigmented lip is a classic beauty that seems to be the first pick for many brides with cool and muted color schemes. They are enjoying all the attention that those colors attract.
The fox eye trend and elevated smokey liner have made their way to the hearts of many. Younger brides opt for a more fierce look for their black tie receptions.
2022 is welcoming a more delicate contour and more rosy blushing. Blushing often extends past the cheekbone. A rosy look is usually balanced with blush lightly dusted on the forehead’s nose, chin, and sides.
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