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Our faces are ready!!

Unless you’re living in the town of Nowhere Near Civilisation on Complete Isolation Street, it’s almost impossible to go an hour without hearing something about Euphoria. And the hype is truly deserved. Alongside emotional storylines and next-level drama (anybody else still get heart palpitations thinking about Cassie in the bathtub?), the show serves up some of the most incredible makeup looks we’ve ever seen.
If you follow the show’s lead makeup artist Doniella (aka Donni) Davy on Instagram, you’ll also know that these aren’t just any ol’ eyeshadow and blusher moments. Donni puts a lot of thought into every single makeup look to create something unique and loaded with meaning/hidden messages. Basically, the makeup on the show is nothing short of genius.
It’s no surprise then, that Donni bagged an Emmy award for her work on the show in 2020 – and thankfully, she isn’t stopping there. Alongside more incredible looks in 2022, the MUA has announced that she will be creating her very own makeup brand. Best news of 2022 so far, right?
Sharing the news on Insta, she wrote: “I can’t believe I’m finally able to share this, and that this is actually real!! For the past two years and while filming Season 2, I’ve been secretly working on creating the makeup line of my literal DREAMS. I couldn’t be more completely over the moon thrilled out of my mind to introduce H A L F ✨ M A G I C”.
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Inspired by the whimsical and mesmerising makeup looks that Donni is known for and the way that those looks can be worn in everyday life, Half Magic is a pretty apt name. But a Euphoria makeup line, this is not.
“The makeup transcends the show,” Donni told Allure. “In its own way, it became its own entity”. But don’t worry, A24, the film and TV studio that produces Euphoria, will be supporting the cosmetics brand, so it’s bound to be in-line with the show’s iconic looks.
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So what can we expect? The line-up is rumoured to feature makeup split into two categories, one covering universal shades and the other, bright, whimsical hues. And before you ask, yes, rhinestones are expected to feature in the collection.
It will also include beauty tools, inspired by Donni’s on-set tricks. Does this mean we’ll finally be able to nail Maddy’s iconic sharp winged eyeliner?
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Donni also shared the Instagram page for Half Magic, which currently has pics of its logo, along with a teasing bio that reads: “Coming soon ✨ Wear your heart on your face.™️”
Half Magic will be launching in May and while there’s no word on whether it’ll be readily available in the UK, we’re prepared to pay all of the custom fees. Just 💸 take 💸 my 💸money.
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