Ever wonder what it’s like to be a “scare actor?” House of Horror in Doral, with its own Haunted Carnival, employs a ton of them. That’s because they’re the largest Halloween experience in South Florida.
Major job requirement, though: you have to love to scare the freak out of people. Check … and, after they let me try, I’m considering a career change.
Does your presence repel people?
Actor: “You look gross.”
Then consider this odd job.
Tony Albelo: “We have some scare actors that, when they’re in character, they will not answer to their God-given name.”
House of Horror at International Mall in Doral…
Tony Albelo: “Maybe you’re not into haunted houses, but you’re probably into rides, or maybe you’re not into rides, but you’re definitely into carnival food.”
…is celebrating 20 years.
Tony Albelo: “Parents who came here as teenagers and kids are coming back with their kids.”
And if you’re a horror junkie like me…
Alex Miranda: “Welcome!”
Guests: “Ahh!”
You probably want to be…
Alex Miranda: “Followed, screamed at, chased with an axe!”
Fingers crossed, inside “Silent Mall.”
Tony Albelo: “They’re just staring at you, moving slightly.”
One of four spooky experiences.
Tony Albelo: “And I guarantee you, you will jump.”
Let me try.
Alex Miranda: “No sleeping in class! Get your head on straight.”
But let’s rewind this found footage.
Ashley: “We started with the bullet wound, and then we’re going to go in.”
Alex Miranda: “I love hearing you say that.”
Ashley, a special effects makeup artist, is going bellman zombie.
Ashley: “So we’re just going to do a little nose contour.”
Alex Miranda: “I really do want that Kardashian look.”
Ashley: “Do you?”
Alex Miranda: “Can I be a…”
Ashley: “A Kardashian Tower of Terror?”
Literally, so scared right now.
Alex Miranda: “Oh, my God! What? You did that in, like, five minutes!”
Ashley: “Crunched for time, but yes, sir.”
Alex: “Wow, I really do look like a zombie.”
Alex Miranda, who?
Actor: “We’re ready for you.”
Alex Miranda: “Thank you, gorgeous.”
Ashley: “I think I did create a monster.”
Alex Miranda: “Yeah, Ashley, ya did!” [stabs ashley]”
She had to go.
Alex Miranda: “Welcome to the Insanitarium.”
Oh, and I charge a resort fee.
Alex Miranda: “You want to play the piano?”
Anyone else been watching that Jeffrey Dahmer series on Netflix?
Alex Miranda: “Want a bite?!”
What? it’s just pork.
Alex Miranda: “Are you sure?!”
I swear, we’re friendly zombies … with artistic differences.
Tickets start at $30.
Tony Albelo: “It includes all the rides, all the haunted houses.”
With taxes and fees, weekday tickets end up about $40, and during the weekends, about $50. Kids 6 and under are a little less than $30.
House of Horror Haunted Carnival
Miami International Mall
1625 NW 107th Ave.
Doral, FL 33172
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