The Beat Lounge specializes in all-occasion makeup looks, including bridal makeovers and more.  
It doesn’t take long to figure out where Moriah Mierre Martin’s passions lie.   
As a 32-year-old Detroit owner and CEO of The Beat Lounge in Ferndale, Martin is a self-taught makeup aficionado who carved her own path in this sometimes-murky industry that she later owned and succeeded in.    
“I taught myself how to do makeup in college … I would basically practice for hours,” Martin told the Michigan Chronicle recently. “I would watch YouTube tutorials and take the time to learn — that is literally all I would do. All day, every day— on top of school and work.”  
Martin said that when she began to get better with her slaying skills, others would notice how well her makeup artistry was becoming, and she would practice on them.  
“It grew from there,” she said of her work, adding that she began to take models and practice, and people started recommending her. “A lot of word of mouth helped me grow and be consistent with my work.”  
Described as “meticulous” with attention to detail, Martin is consistently booked and busy with appointments from new customers and longtime ones.   
The makeup artist loves to create beauty, expression, and emotion and has been for the past nine years, according to her website.   

Martin has worked with many celebrities (including Cardi B, Big Sean, Keke Palmer, Keyshia Cole, Ryan Destiny, and Cicely Tyson), and has done numerous video shoots, TV commercials, print, and high-fashion models. Her work was also featured on VH1, BET, CNN, Fox 2 News, and many more outlets.   
The Beat Lounge services include a full makeup application, natural glam; soft glam; full glam; in-studio bridal; on-site/travel bridal, and more.  
The Ann Arbor native told the Michigan Chronicle that her passion for makeup goes beyond the finished product – but the in-between process of getting dressed that leads up to the final look.  
“I watched my mom. She used to do her makeup. I used to be so intrigued, so mesmerized with how beautiful she looked after putting on makeup, which would emphasize her beauty even more,” Martin said, adding that she was equally impressed with seeing her aunts and grandmother do the same thing. “I was always intrigued by the aspect of dressing up. … I loved that aspect of getting dressed up. People don’t realize how the fun is in getting ready.”  
Martin added that she gets to be on the other side of the makeup industry and is glad to help be a part of the process that brings out the best in other women.  
One client raves about Martin’s work and says, “Moriah is the best makeup artist in Detroit.”  
“She has done my birthday makeup and now I’m booking her for my wedding. She’s very professional, timely, and pleasant. Additionally, she is very accommodating with makeup looks and is willing to work with you want,” the customer said. “I can’t say better words about her.” 
“I see it every single day when I do their makeup — that part to me is so fun,” Martin said, adding that many of her customers leave her chair a “totally new woman.”  
“Some people tell me, ‘I needed to feel like myself,’” she said of her clients who craved a boost in their looks. “… It’s really empowering. … If you can help somebody make them feel better, why not?”  
Martin’s also a mentor and brings others along with her as she grows and expands her business.  
“I want to pour into the next generation of artists,” she said.  
Martin did just that with Deja Wharton, a makeup artist at The Beat Lounge, who has over three years’ worth of experience in the make-up industry and job shadowed Martin for months.  
“It’s more than just making people look good and feel good,” according to Wharton’s bio, whose ultimate goal is to enhance her client’s beauty.   
Kayla Owens, the newest member of The Beat Lounge, brings five years of experience in the beauty industry specializing in luxury soft and sultry glam, according to The Beat Lounge’s website.  
“I am happy with my team… I just plan to grow and develop more artists – that is definitely a passion of mine,” Martin said, adding that bringing others along is the name of the game. “I know when I was coming up in the beginning of my career I really wanted a mentor and it wasn’t available to me … I remember telling myself if I get in a position to help others I’m going to do it. That’s what it’s all about. … God doesn’t bless us with these gifts and talents to keep it to ourselves. Use it in every capacity. When you envision it, God will meet you.”   
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