DOING your makeup the same way you did in your early 20s isn't going to make you look like you're in your early 20s, a makeup pro has claimed.
In fact, sticking to the same products and techniques as you get older could actually be aging your face, the expert Erica Taylor says.
A makeup artist with 27 years of experience, Erica, 46,warns against committing the cosmetics errors that are making you look older.
Erica has earned hundreds of thousands of followers on her TikTok and Instagram accounts, where she goes by @EricaTaylor2347.
Her videos feature content geared toward doing makeup in your 40s, like cosmetics mistakes that are aging you.
In an exclusive video interview with The U.S. Sun, Erica broke down the "common mistakes with our makeup that can age or date the look of our face" and revealed what to do instead.
First, she said, it's a must to pick the right color foundation.
"Foundation that is too light can make us look tired and kind of dull," she explained.
"Using a formula that matches your neck can give you a little more color, and you look like you don't have to run and put blush and bronzer on."
She showed the difference on her own face, pointing to how she looks washed out on the side with the too-light foundation but healthier and more vibrant on the other side.
Next is choosing the right concealer.
"We were always taught to go a shade or two lighter than your foundation," she said.
"But if you're foundation is light to start with and you go too light, you can actually accentuate puffiness or tired eyes and have kind of a gray look around the eyes.
"Opt for something a little warmer, a little more neutral, to get a more natural coverage to your eye."
She stressed that bronzer and blush application and placement are important, too.
"We were taught to fish face and put our bronzer here [where it indents] and our blush on our apple," she said.
"But that apple can fall. So, what if we just lift the whole situation and get a different look by going above the cheekbone, lifting the blush, and getting a totally different scenario?"
Finally, if you're in your 40s or older, drawing on lipliner all the way to the end can point out that your lips may be starting to point down on either side.
Instead, Erica said, use the liner to "go a little above, a little under, but do not take it all the way to the end."
In another exclusive video, Erica shared more tricks for shaving years off your face, including the "luminous glow" makeup combo she swears by.
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