When it comes to my routine for work and school, I try to keep in minimum, but still flawless! I like to use products that give me coverage, but feel light and give me the perfect color. I also use skincare that helps with acne and sensitivity as well.
For my skincare routine, I use Neutrogena Acne Control cleanser and Neutrogena oil free sensitive skin moisturizer. I will also use Glow recipe dew drops serums, depending on the type of day I’m having. When my I have a break out, I use the BHA Strawberry one. When my skin feels a bit dull, I use the Watermelon serum.
Now, some advice I have is to let each layer of serum and moisturizer sit for about 3 minutes before adding anything else to let your skin absorb it. Then after that, you can begin your makeup, or go about your day if your not someone who uses makeup.

Makeup: For my primer, I enjoy using the E.L.F putty primer, especially the acne fighter one. After that, I come in with my TARTE Shape tape concealer and cover it anywhere I feel needs it. After that, I come in with my cream high lighter and blush and swipe them on the appropriate places. However, if I want to use my powder products, I usually add my face powder first and then my other powder products. After this is all done, I spray my setting spray and then continue with my mascara and a nude lipstick, always coming in with a gloss as well.
For my work bag, I always carry my water bottle and some mints. I also carry a hand sanitizer, some tissues, and a Chapstick as well.
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